PRESIDENT: Marie-France Prayal

 Marie-France Prayal is a retired teacher who lives now in the country, 15 minutes from Windsor, in Nova Scotia. 

She has owned Polish Lowland Sheepdogs for many years and in January 1996, obtained her first Coton de Tulear.  Since this time, she is very active showing and training her dogs.  She has now many Canadian Champions in her home.

Marie-France is a past President of the Canadian Coton de Tulear Club (presently serving as Treasurer), Founder and present President of the Canine Association of Nova Scotia (CFC Affiliate Club), past President of Canine Federation of Canada/Federation du Canada (presently serving as Vice-President).  She is also a member of the Canadian Kennel Club.

One of her greatest pleasure in life is helping with the whelping of and caring for puppies. And, of course, she still enjoys training, travelling and showing her dogs.  Dream du Domaine de Polana was the first Coton in Canada who got the titles of Grand Champion and Grand Champion Excellence.

Marie-France exhibits under the name Domaine de Polana.   To visit her website and view the Polana Coton and PONS, please click here.

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VICE PRESIDENT & DIRECTOR: David Campbell (Quebec)

 Born in 1967 on a dairy farm, David’s family has been passionate about breeding for many generations.  From the end of 60’s and beginning of 70’s, his family bred purebred St-Bernard dogs.  He has been a hunting amateur since the late 70’s.  In 1991, during a trip to Europe, he first discovered the Épagneul Breton breed and he purchased his first Épagneul Breton in 1992.  In 1994 he imported his first female Épagneul Breton. 

His involvement has been extensive and covers many aspects of the canine industry around the world.  He has been a member and BOD member of the CEB of Québec since 1994, member of the CEB of France since 1992, member of the CKC since 1992, CEB editor for many years, 1995 diplomate of the “Certification cyno-professionnelle (now Certification Cyno Luc Campbell), FQCCA secretary-treasurer from 1999 to 2004, in 1996 met with the French CEB president and participated in a workshop about the history and standard of the Epagneul Breton, and corresponds regularly with many French breeders. 

Additional involvement and accomplishments include in 2000 organization of a workshop about the standard with M. Léon Le Louët, French CEB president, participation in a field dog test with Mr Le Louët, summer 2001 participation in a standard workshop in France with Mr Jean Louvet judge expert of the breed and Mr Pierre Willems, breeder, Judge of the other colours female classes for the CACS with Mr Le Louët at the National Speciality show at Septmonts, France, attestation of competence to judge the Epagneul Breton issued by the French CEB, confirming expert of the Epagneul Breton since 2002, hunting guide with pointing dogs between 1998 and 2005, breeder of Epagneul Breton since 2005, importation helping of French dogs since 2000,  organizer of a group 1 (Pointing breeds) Speciality Show, Field Trial and TAN for pointing, flushing and barbet breeds, BOD member of the Canine Federation of Canada since 2007 and member since 2005, judge with 2 France judges at the century national speciality show at Loudéac in 2007 in White Orange male CACS classes.  He is most passionate about healthy dogs that work typically like the breed should and that meet the international standard.

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TREASURER: Lynne MacLellan

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DIRECTOR: Peter Muth (Ontario)

Peter Muth, and his wife Tracey, have been directly involved with the Dogue de Bordeaux breed for over twenty years. They owned the first Dogues that were registered with the CFC. They have bred under the Registered prefix ChateauRouge since 1997, and shown extensively for a number of years in Canada, the United States, as well as recently in France.

A long-time member, in good standing, of the CFC, the CKC and the Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Canada, Peter holds the position of Vice-President of the DDBCC, and is the CKC Breed Liaison for the DDBCC.

Peter and Tracey, along with their children Sarah and Alex, live in south-western Ontario. Their home is shared with a number of Dogue de Bordeaux, a Pointer, and a Bulldog. Their website can be found at  and Peter can be contacted directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Photo courtesy: The Recorder, Waterloo, Ontario)


DIRECTOR: Paul Whitman (Maritimes)

My involvement with the Cane Corso began in 1999 after meeting a young male Cane Corso owned by a good friend of mine. Less than a year later I purchased my first Cane Corso and have never looked back.Throughout the years I have the pleasure meeting many great people that shared their passion and knowledge of the breed with me.

I have over the years remained involved with various breed clubs. In the past I was a regional VP for the Cane Corso Association of America for 5 years prior to the move into the A.K.C. Currently I have been President of the National Breed Club in Canada, the Cane Corso Club of Canada since 2006.

Under the kennel name Del Ecousse we have produced Multiple group placing and Champion dogs. Producing the first Group placing, Grand Champion and Best in Show Cane Corso with the Canadian Kennel Club. We continue to strive to promote the breed in a positive light and participate in herding, obedience, and lure coursing at every opportunity.

With the CFC, Del Escousse had the first Cane Corso Champions listed with the association. We have multiple Junior Champions, Champions and Elite Champions, as well as, Best Puppy in Show. We have attended Nova Scotia and Quebec shows since 2006.

Website: Del Ecousse Cane Corso

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DIRECTOR: Linda Stevens (West)

I have lived in Saskatchewan all my life but didn’t have a personal dog friend until I left home and was working in the city.  Our first breed was the Springer Spaniel.

I got my first Coton De Tulear in 2003, and I quickly knew it was the breed for me.  I got my second Coton in 2011, another one in 2012 and a breeding prospect in 2014.

Working towards developing a strong breed association for the betterment of our breed is my greatest desire.  Part of my responsibility will also be to educate and support the public about the pure dog breeds recognized by the Canine Federation of Canada.   That is why I have chosen to serve in the CFC as a western director.

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